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Doctors for Refugees President Dr Barri Phatarfod said Dee had been identified by a team of several Australia-based specialists assessing her medical tests as a high-risk patient requiring urgent transfer to Australia in December. But, Dr Phatarfod said, approaches to Australia's Immigration Minister Peter Dutton had been rebuffed. "Either the minster, who is not an obstetrician, chose not to believe us, which would take a certain amount of arrogance, or else the government just doesn't care," Dr Phatarfod told the BBC. "This is a very high-risk pregnancy, which requires medical assistance that simply cannot be provided on Nauru. The Australian government is putting politics above people's lives. "Nauruan women with complicated pregnancies are allowed to be flown to Australia. But because Dee is a refugee, she's effectively a prisoner. Her choices have been taken away. She'll be delivering how the Australian government says she'll be delivering." Dr Phatarfod said despite promised funding from Australia to upgrade the Nauru hospital, the facility was still grossly inadequate for cases such as Dee's and operated by poorly trained staff. Image copyright Refugee Action Coalition Image caption Asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei died from a bacterial infection in 2014 She said the woman also had a large fibroid, or benign tumour, on the front of her uterus.